Try Dives

If you don’t currently dive or have not tried diving before such as on holiday etc, or you are simply returning back to the sport after a break, we recommend you come along for a no obligation “Come and Try it” try-dive.

Each try-dive is around 1½ hours duration, including is a safety brief either in the classroom or at the poolside on diving techniques and equipment. This is followed by a scuba dive in the pool with a BSAC qualified instructor to make sure you get maximum enjoyment from your scuba dive.

A Try-Dive can help you save time and money by finding out in advance if you would like to take up diving or simply stick to snorkelling. Either way It allows you the chance to sample an exciting sport  and to gain an insight into the fascinating world beneath the waves.

You will be kitted out with all the necessary club equipment that you will need, then an instructor will take you in the pool for a try dive lesson. All you need to bring along is swimwear, a tee shirt, change of clothes & an open mind.

A try dive costs £20, and if you join the club afterwards this is deducted from any membership fees.

If you are interested in a try dive, you can find our contact details Here.

To see our Try Dive Gallery, Click Here.

Remember there is always adventure before dementia!